Writer/Editor: Rylend Grant
Artist: Kewber Baal (Dynamite’s Army of Darkness: Fury Road)
Colorist: Schimerys Baal

LAIRD MASON, a disgraced former superhero known as STALK, finds out he has terminal cancer caused by magnetic fields produced while using his powers. Defending what he deems an ungrateful city for years is literally killing him. With just months to live, Mason launches a violent, misguided campaign to purge the city of supervillains before he dies. Mason starts off trying to make the city a better place… but as the first 12 issue arc progresses, he makes compromise after ugly compromise and quickly ends up descending into full supervillain territory himself.

When things start to get very ugly, ABEL RAINES – Mason’s former sidekick, known as GYRO, currently the public’s point-and-wink superhero ideal – is tasked with bringing his old mentor in. The issue? He isn’t remotely up to the task. Years of basking in the fame and business opportunity that comes with superheroing has made him soft. Over the course of our first six issues, Mason will expose Raines for the fraud that he is and Raines will lose everything he holds dear. He’ll spend the next six issues picking up the pieces, trying to bring down Mason and prove to the world that he is worthy of protecting them.

There will be plenty of good superhero action here, but this is a book that looks at superheroes as people more than anything. This is a psychological examination of the profession. What causes someone to become a superhero? How does one handle the responsibility? How does one not abuse the power, the fame? How does one keep the mission and not get sidetracked?

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